ReSAKSS-SA team meets with the Mozambique Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security and USAID SPEED Programme

Dr. Greenwell Matchaya, Researcher-Economics/ReSAKSS-SA Coordinator and Dr. Charles Nhemachena, Regional Researcher – Agricultural Economics


In an effort to advance activities of the Mozambique SAKSS (Strategic Analysis and Knowledge Support System), Drs. Greenwell Matchaya and Charles Nhemachena of ReSAKSS-Southern Africa–(SA) travelled to Maputo, Mozambique between 16 and 18 June, 2016. In Maputo, they met with Mr. Carlos Matos, an Economist with the USAID Support Program for Enterprise and Economic Development and officials from the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security including Mr. Jeremias Chauque, a Deputy Director in the Ministry.  The ReSAKSS team introduced itself and its work to the Ministry officials who were recently appointed following recent elections in the country. The ReSAKSS team also shared planned activities of the SAKSS. In response, the Deputy Director, Mr Chauque, emphasised the Ministry’s keen interest in working with ReSAKSS-SA on implementing the planned activities for Mozambique SAKSS. He also indicated that there are some activities that the Ministry was planning to undertake in 2016 that fit-in very well with activities planned for the Mozambique SAKSS. An agreement was, therefore, reached to integrate the Ministry’s activities into work plan for Mozambique SAKSS. Activities proposed by the Ministry include: specialist studies on the rice and poultry sectors, training and capacity building, and strengthening of M&E and data collection systems.   

Going forward, the Ministry will organize a meeting to launch the Mozambique SAKSS in July. The meeting will provide an opportunity for members of the Mozambique SAKSS Steering Committee to discuss the 2016 work plan including the setting up of a SAKSS analytical network how it will operate and support the Ministry’s planned activities. 

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