The 11th CAADP Partnership Platform Meeting

March 25, 2015 to March 26, 2015

The 11th CAADP Partnership Platform is going to take place in Johannesburg, South Africa on 25-27 March, 2015. 

The AU Summit of June 2014 (Malabo Declaration, 2014) gave renewed legitimacy to CAADP as Africa’s policy framework for agriculture growth and transformation for shared prosperity. Malabo Declaration on agriculture and food security provides the African vision and resolve to accelerated agriculture transformation through collective and member states specific actions. Among the key issues unique in the Malabo Declaration are two factors, namely (a) the focus on delivering measureable results and impact around 8 areas of commitment - deepening the earlier CAADP Maputo commitments, and (b) bringing focus for the need for institutional and policy change to create an enabling environment for country and regional efforts to succeed in delivering on the Malabo targets and commitments.

Against this background, the 11th CAADP Partnership Platform - the first CAADP PP after the Malabo Declaration - is designed to help shape how the RESOLVE will be translated into action, results and impact. The PP will help build a shared understanding of country and regional needs and expectations of them for rolling out the Implementation Strategy and Road Map including launching efforts to form technical partnerships to align with and support implementation. CAADP faces new implementation challenges that will require new partnerships, including partnerships to integrate major initiatives and flagship efforts that are now in place making contributions to the areas and targets of the Malabo Declaration. Tapping these efforts will be key to early success in achieving results and impact. The PP will also play a key role in understanding what are the systemic institutional and policy changes that are being targeted to increase the efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability of development efforts. And, the PP will be an important milestone in helping to shape actions to advance important commitments around cross cutting issues such as gender, inclusiveness, regional trade, entrepreneurship development and youth employment.

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