Regional Dissemination Workshop on Agricultural Trends and Progress in Living Conditions

May 12, 2009 to May 15, 2009

Accra, Ghana

The Regional Workshop is organized jointly by ECOWAS and ReSAKSS-West Africa. It aims to present and discuss the findings of national studies undertaken by ReSAKSS-WA to monitor progress in the agricultural sector and living conditions in nine West African countries, including Ghana. The studies consider agricultural expenditures in relation to the Maputo declaration of 10 percent national budget allocation to agriculture and recent achievements and emerging trends in agricultural productivity and growth, poverty reduction and alleviation of hunger and child malnutrition. The studies also took stock of the food price crisis in 2007/08 by documenting the appearance and the evolution of the food crisis, food supply and demand profile of each country and documenting responses by each country.